OSMO Wash and Care


Product Information

Description:  Osmo Wash and Care is a special cleaning concentrate for wooden and cork floors with Osmo Hardwax-Oil (Polyx®-Oil) surface and other oiled/waxed wooden surfaces. Also suitable for varnished floors, stone floors, plastic, PVC and other water resistant surfaces. It is highly effective and water soluble for quick, easy and thorough floor maintenance – even for large high traffic areas. Makes the floor surface more resistant against soiling and water. Simply add to water and wipe the floor with a moist cloth or mop. Ideal for this purpose is the usage of the Osmo Opti-Set (with the white Micro-mop Plush). It cleans the surface and freshens up the floor at the same time. Osmo Wash and Care does not form a film on the surface and therefore can be used as often as necessary without removing residues of the cleaner in a general cleaning step. Does not leave stripes or traces of residues.
Ingredients:  Osmo Wash and Care is based on natural vegetable oils (coconut oil).
5-15 % vegetable soaps (anionicsurfactants)
1-5 % non-ionic surfactants
Additives:  Care components, suspending agent and Isothiazolinone preservative (CAS 55965-84-9).
Uses:  Osmo Wash and Care is specially developed for cleaning of wooden and cork floors with Osmo Hardwax-Oil (Polyx®-Oil) surface and other oiled/waxed wooden surfaces. It is also suitable for varnished floors, stone floors, plastic-surfaces, PVC and other water-resistant surfaces.
Can be used in automatic cleaning machines (foam retarded).
Colour shade:   8016 Wash and Care, colourless
Dosage:  Approx. 1 cover cap of Wash and Care per litre of water.
Can sizes:
1L & 5L, or
1 Litre & 5 Litres
Preparation:   Clean the surfaces from coarse dust with a broom, or optimal with the Osmo Opti-Set (with the green Dust-mop).
Method of application:  Osmo Wash and Care is a concentrate.
Approx. 1 cover cap of Wash and Care is sufficient for one litre of water.
It is ideal for use with the Osmo Opti-Set (with Micro-mop Plush) for an easy and simple wet cleaning of all floorings.
Mop dry to avoid penetration of water into joints of floor boards, especially when used on varnished floors.
For complete floor renovation of Osmo Hardwax-Oil (Polyx®-Oil) surfaces just apply a further coat of Osmo Hardwax-Oil (Osmo Polyx®-Oil) after cleaning.
Cleaning of tools:  Wash out with water.
Storage:  Can be stored up to 5 years or longer if can is full and tightly closed. Opened container should be used up within 12 month.
Technical Data
Specific gravity (Density):  1.0 g/cm³
Viscosity:  Creamy
Colour:  Colourless
Odour:  Low odour (vegetable oil),

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