High Active Polish Stripper


Product Information

Description:   HIGH ACTIVE POLISH STRIPPER is a blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, sodium metasilicate, sequestrants and solubilising additives in a clear water based liquid.
Uses:  HIGH ACTIVE POLISH STRIPPER is for the stripping of emulsion polish from linoleum, rubber, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors. HIGH ACTIVE POLISH STRIPPER can also be used as a heavy detergent for removal of impacted dirt from concrete, quarry tile and non-porous surfaces
Preparation / Application:
FOR POLISH STRIPPING:   Dilute 1 part with 10 parts hot water and apply to area to be stripped (10 – 20 sqm). Allow 10 – 15 minutes contact time ensuring surface mains wet at all times. Machine scrub the floor using a rotary scrubbing machine fitted with either a black or green pad (depending on level of scrubbing required). Then remove all stripping solution with a wet vacuum or scrubber/drier with wet pick up. If required repeat process until the desired levelling of stripping is achieved. Then clean the floor with a neutralising cleaner ideally FLOORTECH NEUTRAL FLOORCLEAN. Then rinse the floor with clean water.
HEAVY DUTY CLEANING:  Dilute 1 part with 30 parts hot water and clean the floor.
Do not use on painted surfaces, aluminium or galvanised surfaces.
Do not allow the product to dry on any surface being cleaned
Shelf Life:  2 years if left unopened. Stored in a cool, dry place & protected from frost.
2.5% Discount on 10 Litre Packs
5% Discount on 20 Litre Packs
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