Drybright Metallised Polish


Product Information

Description:  DRYBRIGHT METALLISED POLISH is an extremely durable emulsion polish which has excellent slip resistance and does not required burnishing.
Properties:  DRYBRIGHT METALLISED POLISH has been developed for extreme strength and durability coupled with ease of removability.
Uses:   DRYBRIGHT METALLISED POLISH is a specially formulated floor polish for application on Linoleum, Vinyl, Rubber, Sealed Cork, Sealed Wood, Terrazzo and Thermoplastic flooring.
DRYBRIGHT METALLISED POLISH is easily maintained by damp mopping.
N.B. Not suitable for Unsealed Wood or Cork floors.
Preparation / Application:
It is essential that the floor is clean and free from grease, dirt and any previous dressings. Strip any old polish from the surface, it is recommended a polish stripper such as FLOORTECH HIGH ACTIVE POLISH STRIPPER followed with a neutralising product like FLOORTECH NEUTRAL FLOORCLEAN are used, then rinse thoroughly with clean water and allowed to dry out. Shake well before use and apply a thin even film of the polish using a lint free applicator and allow to dry before applying a second coat (approximately 30 minutes).
Coverage:  Approximately 50 – 60 sqm per Litre.
Shelf Life:  2 years if left unopened. Stored in a cool, dry place & protected from frost.
2.5% Discount on 10 Litre Packs
5% Discount on 20 Litre Packs
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