Treatex Colour Tone 190 Ebony


Product Information

Wood doesn’t always match the other colours in our home. Don’t fret, change the colour of interior timbers with our range of colour tones. Brush or roller on one coat to unfinished timber. Remove any excess product immediately with a lint free cloth. Allow to dry then seal with two coats of Treatex Hardwax Oil Clear, or for a whiter white seal Spruce with Treatex Hardwax Oil Natural. Different timbers will take colours differently, we advise to do a sample before finishing the whole area. All Treatex Colour Tones can be mixed.

Preparation:  If the surface to be treated is rough or if a previous surface coating finish is present, sand to smooth bare wood with 80-120 grit sandpaper. Most previously oiled surfaces can be overcoated, without sanding. When overcoating a previously oiled surface a trail application is essential. Remove dust, dirt and any contaminates which may lead to uneven absorption of Treatex Hardwax Oil. Make sure the surface to be treated is thoroughly dry. Stir tin and ensure the product is at room temperature before use.

Application:  Apply Treatex Colour Tone by using a brush or roller to evenly, allowing roughly 30g per m2. Allow to dry – maintaining warmth and ventilation will enable the surface to dry within 3-6 hours. Then apply with a brush or roller a second & third coat of Treatex Hardwax Oil again allowing roughly 30g per m2. Allow to dry thoroughly overnight before the surface is lightly used. The surface will reach maximum hardness after a further 24 hours.

Colour Tone:  190 Ebony Colour Tone

Can Sizes:  1L & 2.5L & or
1 Litre & 2.5 Litres

Coverage:  1 L = approx. 20 m2

Drying Time:  approx. 3-6 hours (normal climatic conditions, 23°C/50%, rel. humidity). Lower temperatures and/or high humidity can increase the drying time.

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