Styccobond B90


Product Information

STYCCOBOND B90 is a PVA emulsion adhesive for jointing wood, blockboard, chipboard and tongue and groove wood flooring. It conforms to Durability class D3 of BS EN204.
It can also be used for bonding the headers of solid wood flooring and engineered boards (semi-solids).
STYCCOBOND B90 dries to a colourless transparent film and is protected against bio-degradation.
Features:   High strength,
Water resistant to D3 of BS EN204.
Colour:   White
Coverage Rates:  200 linear metres of 3mm bead per litre (approx.)
Open Time:  Up to 10 minutes depending on temperature
Drying Time:  24 hours
Storage:  Store between 5°C and 30°C. Protect from frost.
Shelf Life:  12 months in unopened containers and stored under good conditions.

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