Pre-Seal Clear


Product Information

An extremely fast drying sealer (Shellac Solution) used as a barrier base coat on previously waxed or oiled wooden floors.
Pre-seal Clear will minimise grain raising on new or refurbished open grained wood whilst keeping the wood colour as light and natural as possible.

A solution of alcohol soluble resins which can be applied by applicator, roller or soft brush.

Used to provide a base/sealer coat on porous wooden floors and on previously waxed and/or oiled floors which have been de-waxed or sanded including all types of hardwood strip, block and mosaic flooring, as well as softwood and hardwood to prevent potential rejections of subsequent floor finish.
Pre-seal Clear provides excellent colour and grain enhancement of all types of hardwood and softwood flooring especially when used in conjunction with FLOORTECH POLYGLAZE, WATERTHANE or AQUAGUARD polyurethane seals.

Apply using an applicator, roller or soft brush spreading as thinly as possible. On very porous wooden floors that have been heavily waxed it may be necessary to apply a second coat.

Approximately 10 – 20 sqm per Litre depending on porosity of the surface.

Drying Time:
Touch dry in 5 – 10 minutes and ready for applications of oleo-resinous or water based polyurethane seals within an hour. The area being sealed should be well ventilated.

Shelf Life:
2 years if left unopened. Stored in a cool, dry place & protected from frost.

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