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Osmo hardwax oils offer a top quality treatment for wooden flooring, other internal and external woodwork. These are natural wood finishes with all the goodness of nature, made from natural oils and waxes, canauba wax, sunflower oil, candilla wax, thistle oil and more.
Osmo hardwax oils provide natural character, durability and protection for all interior and exterior timber. Wooden floors are often exposed to great stresses and strains, therefore they require extra protection and Osmo hardwax oils offer a very durable finish. This protection should not disturb or change the natural appearance of the wood‘s surface.
The range of Osmo hardwax oils provide this protection from within the wood itself, bringing the natural grain and character of the wood to life whilst offering maximum protection and allowing it to “breathe”. This helps to maintain its elastic surface qualities and allows it to compliment its environment. With Osmo natural wood finishes the wood surface retains its natural character and charm but also becomes abrasion, water and dirt resistant – a long lasting surface protection against those small daily mishaps.
Osmo 3028 TopOil Clear Satin 0.5 Litres
Osmo 3058 TopOil CLear Matt 0.5 Litres
Product description:   Osmo 3028 TopOil Satin and 3058 Matt are a micro-porous, clear and satin/matt finish wood finishes for wooden kitchen work tops and general interior joinery (table tops and furniture).
The Osmo TopOil surface is extremely tough and hard-wearing. It is water-repellent and dirt-resistant. The finish is resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water etc. When dry according to DIN 68861 – 1C (German Industrial Norm).
Dirt can easily be removed without trace. Renovating, even partially, is easy. Just clean and re-treat worn areas: No sanding, no repair marks, no removal of previous TopOil finish.
Osmo 3028 / 3058 TopOil is based on natural vegetable oils and waxes. It is micro-porous and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. Therefore it is an ideal treatment even in rooms with high humidity. Osmo TopOil is very easy to apply: Only two thin coats no primer!). It is of a creamy consistence (thixotropic). The matt sheen can be intensified by slight polishing. Grain and texture of the wood are accentuated.
Recommended use:   Wood finish for wooden kitchen work tops and general interior joinery (table tops and furniture).
For dark hardwood floors like Jatoba, Meranti, Wengé, Merbau, etc. use Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin (Trial application recommended).
Colour tone:
3028 Clear Satin
3058 Clear Matt
If a transparent coloured finish is desired, mix with Osmo Wood Wax Finish Opaque (i. e. 10:1) for first coat or use Osmo Wood Wax Finish Transparent or Osmo Polyx®-Oil White Foundation. Finish with Osmo TopOil clear.
Can sizes:   0.5L or 500ml
Coverage:   1 L = approx. 12 m²,
two coats = approx. 20 m², renovation
Number of Coats Required:   2 (no primer)
Renovation:  1 coat
Application by Cloth:  3-4
Storage:  Shelf life is 5 years or more if can is tightly closed. Store in a dry place. If thickened by frost it will regain a normal consistency under normal temperatures within 24-36 hours.
Preparation:   The wood, cork or OSB surface must be clean and dry (maximum moisture content 20 %).
Small dents and holes in the wood can be filled with Osmo Woodfiller. Only apply on frost free surface. Clean or lightly sand old micro-porous finishes. Remove old varnishes (with Osmo Paint Remover or by sanding).
If required, sand with fine grain before application (grain max. 150), remove dust carefully. For wood tending to attract blue stain in moist surroundings (e.g. pine) a pre-treatment (all sides if possible) with biocide-free wax impregnation Osmo Wood Protector is recommended.
Compatibility:  Osmo TopOil can be applied over all Osmo Waxes (Hardwax-Oil), Osmo Wood Protector and Osmo Clear oil Finish.
Application:   Osmo TopOil is ready to use. Please do not thin – shake well before use.
Apply with a stiff, tight quality brush with tight fine bristles, e.g. Osmo Hand Brush (100 mm) or a dry cloth. Apply first coat thinly, thoroughly and evenly along wood grain. Remove surplus. Leave to dry over night (at least 8-10 hours) ensuring good ventilation.
Apply second coat as above. Remove surplus and leave to dry at least 8-10 hours. Ventilate well. If using a cloth, apply 3-4 thin coats.
For the inside of cupboards and drawers apply only 1 thin coat with a cloth and leave it to dry with good ventilation.
If a more satin finish is desired, apply Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner (also available as Spray) thinly and polish after drying with the Osmo Polishing Pad.
Cleaning of Tools:   Clean working utensils with Osmo Brush Cleaner (benzene-free).
Drying Time:   At least 8-10 hours – provide good ventilation (Osmo wood finishes dry by oxidation and therefore need air). Dust dry – after approx. 6 hours. For cork surfaces the drying time can be 24 hours or longer.
Care and Maintenance:   Surfaces treated with Osmo TopOil can be cleaned with water (containing Osmo Wash And Care). For persistent stains, remove with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner (also available as Spray). This will also revive the appearance of the surface. When the surface becomes a little dull apply a thin coat of Osmo TopOil.
Renovation:   For renovation apply a thin coat of Osmo TopOil on clean, dry surface. This is also possible in hard used areas. No repair marks will be visible.

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